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Spring Cleaning

BLOG-SPRINGCLEANINGAs of Wednesday it is officially Spring. There are so many things to look forward to in Spring; flowers and trees blooming, longer, warmer days, the start of baseball season, etc…There is one thing about Spring that isn’t all that great…….Spring Cleaning! Cleaning up the clutter and mess that has been building up all winter can be pretty overwhelming. Here is a little list of the 5 most daunting Spring Cleaning tasks.

1. “Windows And Blinds”- Windows are often neglected because of the amount of effort needed to clean them, while blinds are dust traps.

2. “Grout”- Like window cleaning, scrubbing grout is a lot of work. Cleaning grout involves a lot of scrubbing which can take a toll on your arms.

3. “Stove”- If you don’t happen to clean out your stove on a regular basis, you may be shocked to see what kind of mess and smell has accumulated over time.

4. “Ceiling Fans”- if you happen to have ceiling fans in your home and aren’t 7 feet tall, cleaning them may be a bit of a pain (especially in your neck and back).

5. “Fridge”- Cleaning the fridge may the biggest pain of them all. It all starts with cleaning out the inside of the fridge, which means completely emptying it. After everything is clean and all of the food has been replaced, it’s time to clean the outside of the fridge and behind it. This of course means moving the fridge which can be very difficult.

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Tips For A Green Spring Cleaning

BLOG-SPRINGWith today being the first of March (already?), many people are starting to get into spring cleaning mode. Spring cleaning is a great time to get rid of some of the clutter you’ve accumulated over the winter, as well as a good time to give your home a good wipe down. Here are a few tips on how t reduce the clutter and mess, without harming the environment.

“Homemade Cleaning Alternatives”- Instead of going to the store and purchasing a plethora of chemical-laden cleaning products, you can actually take care of almost all household chores. White vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon and plain old hot water can all be used to clean a number of things. From countertops and tables to windows and floors, all without using harmful chemicals.

“Closet Clutter”- Go through your closet and figure out what clothes you actually still wear. Grab the rest and either donate the unwanted clothes or use them as rags when cleaning. Which brings us to our next tip…

“Go Paper Towel-less”- Instead of using a bunch of rolls of paper towels for cleaning, just use some old clothes for rags. By using rags which can be washed and reused, you will be saving paper, creating less trash and saving money.

“Use Plants As a Natural Air Filter”- By decorating your home with a few plants such as; English ivy, spider plants and rubber plants, you can actually help improve your indoor air.

Use these tips to help usher in a cleaner, greener Spring.

Fall Cleaning, The New Spring Cleaning?

Springtime. It’s the much needed thaw after a long cold winter, a time when everything seems to come back to life. Plants start blooming, animals come out of hibernation, the days get longer, and for many people, this is the time when your home gets a top to bottom cleaning. Perhaps the idea for “Spring cleaning” goes back to the days when homes were primarily heated by coal, wood, and/or oil. These modes of heating would have left soot and stains on windows and furnishings after being used in a closed up home all winter. Luckily, thanks to modern technology, most homes are not heated in the same ways anymore.

So, without the need to clean away a Winter’s worth of soot and stains, is Spring the best time to do a major cleaning? Actually, Fall is a better time to get some hardcore cleaning done. Here are a few reasons why you’re better off having a “Fall-cleaning”.

“Dirt”- More dirt is tracked through your home during the Spring and Summer than other times in the year. By doing your major cleaning early in the Spring, you will end up having that dirt and grime build up in your home for an entire year.

“Springtime Pests”- When most people do their Spring cleaning they often open a window or two for some nice fresh Springtime air. While the smell of the fresh air may be nice, they are also letting in pollen, bugs and other debris. Chances are if you are doing your cleaning during the Fall, you won’t be as tempted to have your windows open.

“Holidays”- By getting your big cleaning done in the Fall, your home will be in tip-top shape for a lot of the major holidays that take place either in Fall or in Winter. If you happen to be hosting any holiday parties, it will cut back on the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do before your guests arrive.

On top of all of the other reasons to flip your cleaning from Spring to Fall, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your Spring days being outside (after being cooped up all Winter) instead of indoors cleaning?




A clean house is a best seller

Are you hoping to sell your home quickly?  When it comes to the little things that sellers do to make their homes stand out from the competition, the No. 1 step you can take, according to a recent survey of real estate agents, is cleaning the place from top to bottom.  Actually, cleaning has ranked as the top home improvement suggested by realty professionals ever since HomeGain began asking the question in 2003. In the latest survey, the agents said spending $400 on cleaning is likely to gain sellers $2,000 more at closing. That’s a 400 percent return on investment.

Here is the full story from the Chicago Tribune.

Boulder Spring Cleaning

patch of crocus flowers enjoying the early spring sunshineSpring is only two weeks away and that means it’s time to throw open the windows and break out the Eco-friendly cleaning supplies.  It’s spring cleaning time along the Front Range!

Spring cleaning presents a great opportunity to get to some areas of your house that are hard to reach during regular cleanings.

Green spring cleaning tips:

Refrigerator – Clean the floor and wall behind your refrigerator.  Don’t forget to dust and clean the refrigerator coils.  This helps the refrigerator run more efficiently, reducing your electricity bill.

TV & Entertainment Center – Clean the floor and wall behind your  TV and entertainment center.  Also take some time to get all the dust off the cables and vent fan grates on your electronics.  Make sure they are turned off, unplugged and cooled down before you do.  Removing all the excess dust from your  electronics will help them run cooler and more efficiently.

Reduce cleaning waste – use microfiber clothes and dish rags for cleaning instead of paper towels.  Swap out the Swiffer sweeper for a broom and reusable mop.

Get organized – Getting organized and planning ahead can help reduce stress and reduce the amount of time you are cleaning.  Check out this helpful spring cleaning checklist (pdf) from Martha Stewart.

Depending on your personality you are probably either eager and excited to get to your spring cleaning to do list or you are dreading what seems like an insurmountable list of chores.  If you fall into the latter category, then give us a call! We can help you with all your indoor spring cleaning chores in an Eco-friendly manner.  Contact us for a spring cleaning estimate.

Do you have one or two whacky or crazy spring cleaning chores or traditions? Share them with us in the comments.

Photo credit: pdbreen on Flickr